EFFIDRIP, smart irrigation system project
EFFIDRIP, smart irrigation system project

EFFIDRIP is an ICT-based tool for supporting the management and supervision of irrigation and fertigation. In particular, it has been conceived for localized irrigation systems in tree crops although its use could be extended to further scenarios. Its overall objective is to offer a cost-effective tool that provides the end-users (farmers or technicians) effortless irrigation and fertilization management, as well as easy and reliable supervision of the state of the irrigation system. EFFIDRIP aims at relieving farmers from most of the tasks involved in acquiring data, re-scheduling, reprogramming and supervising the application of efficient irrigation.

The EFFIDRIP system complements the functionalities of current irrigation and fertigation control equipment by making them part of a higher level system based on ICT. The role of that high level system is the integration of data and information from multiple sources for their usage in automated scheduling decisions and supervision. It can also facilitate user interaction with the system and communication between people involved in the process. The irrigation controller remains as a key component for the execution of irrigation and fertigation schedules with some autonomy. What really makes the difference is that those schedules will be updated remotely once a day for each irrigation sector. For each subsequent application, the precise crop water and fertilizer needs will be estimated as a function of weather conditions, the soil and crop water status assessed by sensors, as well as to the productive and environmental goals by the farmer. For this purpose, weather data and sensor measurements are combined in base of state-of-the-art agronomic knowledge. Machine-to-machine communications and design of the application aim to reduce the need for user intervention in operational tasks and instead focus its participation in strategic decisions.

Significant reduction of production cost

EFFIDRIP is designed to become the new tool that will permit fruit farmers and agro SMEs to increase wa­ter, fer­ti­li­zer and energy use efficiency by up to 15% representing a sig­ni­fi­cant reduction of production cost.

Time for higher-value tasks

EFFIDRIP aims at becoming the new tool that will relieve farmers from re-scheduling and re-pro­gram­ming routine tasks re­quired for efficient irrigation, thereby creating time for higher-value managerial tasks.

More sustainable agricultural practice

EFFIDRIP aims at becoming the new tool that will facilitate the adoption of more sustainable practices.